Fábio M Silva’s debut album, released January 2019

01 Consumiste-me
02 A Man
03 Mutter Rette Mich
04 Dysphoric
05 In The Club
06 Come Home And Fuck Me
07 Interlude (Vinho)
08 Actor
09 Ketamine Song
10 Berlin
11 Stop The Bells
12 Vem Aí A Morte
13 Epilogue

all songs and lyrics by Fábio M Silva, except “In The Club” adapted from traditional american folk song “In The Pines”
recorded and mixed by Fábio M Silva in Berlin, Lisbon and several places in the Portuguese countryside

mastered by Gaspar João in Lisbon, Portugal

Fábio M Silva – voice, programming, sampler, keyboards, various drums, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, lute, violin, melodica and field recordings
Gaspar João – portuguese guitar on “Consumiste-me”, “Interlude (Vinho)” and “Epilogue”
Phoebe Gavine and Ozzy Zk – voice on “Stop The Bells”

artwork by Fábio M Silva

( .mp3 download )

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