pipi in the miracle garden (2020)

Since 2017, Fábio M Silva and Anthony de Bono have been performing as a duo under the moniker PIPI. Their work references an amalgam of classical art, pop culture, religion and mythology through the use of contemporary surrealism, creating abstract autobiographical performances.

This performance features the artists completely immersing themselves in a spatial negotiation with their installation THE GARDEN OF PIPI DELIGHTS, activating the space through a series of actions and gestural responses. The resulting durational performance is an uncompromising and unfiltered portal into the artists’ minds, their deconstructive thoughts on societal structures and perceptions of reality, whilst also performing an occasional miracle.

Concept, Performance, Costumes and Sound by
PIPI (Fábio M Silva & Anthony de Bono)

Installation by
PIPI & Vinzenz Hangler

Video by
James Doyle

Photography by
Roni Lugassi