“what was britney spears feeling when she shaved her head in 2007? or when she attacked that car with a teal colored umbrella? how much of one’s intimacy can we see exposed before melting down?”

being fascinated with overexposure and the effects star culture has on its characters, FLÓPERA™ serves as an emotional endurance exercise. during a period of 3 months i have used every opportunity possible to promote my autobiographical opera, talking about it with every new person i would meet, mentioning it constantly on every social media platform i was in… up to a nearly obnoxious level. the performance itself consisted in me singing – which in itself made me very uncomfortable as i had no formal training – passages from my notebooks of the past few years. in front of a live audience, sentences about love, heartbreak, psychological disorders, family issues, etc, that i had written cathartically throughout the years, were repeated over and over reminding me and the people in front of me of what i had felt when i wrote them.

duration: approximately 40 minutes.
performed at projektraum, flutgraben e.v. / 6 august 2016