collapsella smashed against the patriarchy (2020)

Developed as the live version of the eponymous concept album, COLLAPSELLA SMASHED AGAINST THE PATRIARCHY is a queer opera of sorts, approaching subjects of queer politics, gender and identity, over fast paced, distorted, repetitive and aggressive techno music.
It premiered at Kake in Berlin in January 2020 featuring Berlin based artists Anthony de Bono, Anali Goldberg, Cheryl, Nicky Miller, Norbert Pape and Touché. The upcoming tour performances will feature local queer artists from each city.

concept, music and performance
Fábio M Silva aka Collapsella

guest performers
Anali Goldberg
Anthony de Bono
Nicky Miller
Norbert Pape

costume design
Fábio M Silva
Pinky Zimmerman

DJ set
Kiki Moorse

Andrea Nucifora