a closet half full

In the midst of our current rip of the space-time continuum, iconic post-gender seamstrex kunstler(ette) FÁBIO M SILVA and hyper-sexualized post-human psychoanalyst of Berlin’s club scene ANALI GOLDBERG decided to move their WG’s garden into the safety of a deserted techno club… bringing their chickens, sewing patterns, lost phalluses, witch soup, embellished truths, matriarchal goodies and very used breasts.
At home their closet was full of skeletons and viruses but, with a pandemic going around, their current closet is now only half full. Since their beloved frozen fish department no longer opens on Fridays, but on Mondays instead, all they can do is drink psychedelic herbal tea and discuss claustrophobia, the past, the present… and the absence of any futures.