lavoura (2021)


out in July 2021, to be released as a video installation.

“In LAVOURA the key instrument is my own voice, accompanied by sounds created with working tools, vintage objects, street recordings, family heirlooms and toy instruments from my childhood – it’s Portuguese folklore seen through my lens.”

01. Hino A Hermes
02. Anda Acá Cultura
03. La Moda Da Maria Boiça
04. Lavoura
05. Canção XV de António Botto
06. Concréte
07. Amor + Dor (Pt. I)
08. Trip To Paradise
09. Fado Fábio
10. Amor + Dor (Pt. II)
11. Lélé
12. I Don’t Know The Color Of My True Love’s Hair (feat. Craig Template)
13. Kaladu (feat. Linards Kulless)
14. Metaphysically
15. היכן זה (feat. Ariel Nil Levy)