the sovereign nation of post genitalia (2019)

Under the motto “Nostra Non Sumus Genitalia”, Fábio M Silva founded a new micronation state – THE SOVEREIGN NATION OF POST GENITALIA.

With it’s own declaration of independence, constitution, passport, flag and even national anthem, the foundation of THE SOVEREIGN NATION OF POST GENITALIA was celebrated with an exhibition, a capsule collection and a pop-up shop, which ran during Gallery Weekend Berlin 2019.
The exhibition featured 18 handpainted 300x50cm panels by Fábio M Silva and a flower installation by Vinzent Hangler. The pop-up shop sold the collections of Fábio M Silva, Anthony de Bono and Official Rebrand.

“We Are Not Our Genitals”
National anthem written by Fábio M Silva

“We’re this nation’s primogenitals
We march beyond all binaries
We define as humans nothing else
We march against your definitions

We are not our genitals…”

On practical terms, the micronation functions as an artist collective in which artists and other people can get involved in different ways, depending on their sovereign titles as follows:

Imperatoris: founder or current head-of-state
Rexis: resident artists
Duxis: non-artist residents
Prorexis: artists in residence
Eques Nobilis Homo: citizens who own a passport and are also benefactors of The
Sovereign Nation of Post Genitalia
Nobilis Homo: citizens who own a The Sovereign Nation of Post Genitalia passport

current resident artists are Anthony de Bono, Fábio M Silva and MI Leggett.

To apply for a passport you can send an e-mail to with the subject PASSPORT, your name and and how you’d like to get involved. You will receive an e-mail with further information within 8 working days.