The Real Housewives of Neukölln

The Real Housewives of Neukölln are a post-drag queer performance art group founded in 2016 by Fábio M Silva, James Doyle, Jake Indiana and Henry Boles. Initially performing a weekly cabaret show, they quickly gained international cult following because of their unique way of combining debaucherous entertainment with social commentary and queer politics. Their work has been featured in a documentary by french director duo THEM, a video installation and book by renowned Swedish contemporary artist Annika Larsson entitled “The Discourse of The Drinkers”, a video feature on i-D Magazine, amongst many other publications.

The Housewives have performed extensively in Berlin and internationally, creating experimental performance art, theatre, video and installation, across an array of venues that range from club toilets, to Germany’s biggest contemporary art museum Hamburger Bahnhof. Since its inception the group has expanded and at its height it featured eight cast members. In September 2018, their piece “Darkroom Antics” was nominated for the Innovation in Performance Award by the Stockholm Fringe Festival.

As The Real Housewives of Neukölln’s creative director between 2016 and the end of 2018, Fábio M Silva produced the majority of their show’s visuals, stage and prop design, as well as directing and producing several short films.