fms: a retrospective (2018)

“Fábio M Silva: A Retrospective” is an art happening which spanned the course of two days where the artist showcased, for the first time, all the different media they use in their work.
The exhibition included a selection that ranges from paintings to installation, from conceptual art to video, and most notably the premiere of 3 new works from Fábio M Silva’s ongoing autobiographical series OMNIPRESENT (#7, #9 and #10) and the first listen to their debut solo album MANCEBO.

Apart from the exhibition, different guests re-performed several of M Silva’s pieces and a retrospective fashion pop-up shop ran during both days selling archival pieces, one-offs and samples from the artist’s three collections. OMNIPRESENT #2 was re-performed by Sessa C.M. Tate, OMNIPRESENT #5 re-performed by Anthony de Bono and Collapsella’s KUNSTWERK EP was re-performed by The Real Housewives of Neukölln

Being Fábio M Silva’s first solo exhibition, “Fábio M Silva: A Retrospective” invited a dialogue about what one considers success and achievement in the current scenario when there’s enormous pressure to constantly produce new work. Sold artworks were immediately removed from display revealing the nearly abandoned building the exhibition was on.

Below find a list of the exhibited artworks. Full exhibition catalogue and prices upon request.