Born in 1873 in San Marino, Collapsella has since travelled the world as the most successful completely unknown supermodel of all times. Since it’s based in Berlin, it co-founded the post drag performance collective THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEUKÖLLN, started the iconic conceptual guerrilla dancefloor COLLAPSELLA’S TOILET ROOM, DJs regularly in some of Berlin’s biggest clubs as SUPERSTAR KUNST DJ COLLAPSELLA, released music across a plethora of genres, started a noise band called ABATTOIR, was invited to perform it’s underground hit song ICH BIN KUNST at the Hamburger Bahnhof and prolifically creates work about hedonism and gender identity. Collapsella’s preferred pronoun is IT.

Collapsella is a post drag post human character created by Fábio M Silva in 2016. Since then, Fábio has used it to perform solo or with The Real Housewives of Neukölln, to dj as Superstar Kunst DJ Collapsella, to release conceptual music, model and create video art.

Its most notable works include the performances LONER DISCOTHEQUE – SURRENDERING TO INHERITED SOLITUDE IN 3 ACTS about child abuse, HOME about domestic violence and WHERE IS THE LINE? – AN OPERA ABOUT CHEMSEX WITH MUSIC FROM BJÖRK about Berlin’s chemsex culture; the concept album about the handkerchief code HANKY and subsequent audiovisual performance in collaboration with Anthony de Bono (currently in pre-production), the EP released as a tryptich artwork KUNSTWERK and the upcoming minimal techno album SMASHED AGAINST THE PATRIARCHY.