campaign for la biennale di venezia (2019)

Fábio M Silva’s CAMPAIGN aims to start a discussion on the classism inherent to the contemporary art world and the fashion industry.
Being installed without permission across several of the Venice Biennale’s venues, the duration of CAMPAIGN solely depends on how the institution receives it – visitors will only be able to see M Silva’s work for as long as the Biennale’s staff doesn’t exert their supremacy by removing it – opening a dialog about the oligarch structures of the art world and how it affects the career and expression of fringe artists.

In 2019, to represent the approximate budget of the event in millions, 13 shirts handpainted with the slogan “MY ART IS BETTER THAN YOURS” were installed at Giardini and Arsenale in La Biennale di Venezia.

project developed by Fábio M Silva with special thanks to Vinzent Hangler